Guide to choose Digital Platform for your Online Business Promotion

Because  content is the key role in digital marketing , one should select the right platform for publishing that content also.


Generally, we all know Google we use for all our search and discovery needs. Major our business to business (B2B) needs we get solved with help of Google.


For example, if we need motor manufacturing company contacts anyone will surf on Google.


Now when you need shirts or you see seminar – workshop information on Facebook, you will be engaged with that post by publisher that is B2C. Facebook has more effectiveness when market is B2C.
When content has more scenic video of photo, then it will give you more visibility and engagements on Instagram.


So now choose your digital marketing platform wisely or you can consult us via our website :

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the key to the digital expansion of businesses regardless of small scale or large scale operation level. It also eliminates inability to customize the marketing content unlike traditional marketing methods.


The one true advantage of Digital Marketing is the power of targeting specific audience. This results into  a marketing strategy that is cost effective and measurable. It is the perfect marketing method to establish brand loyalty and drive online presence as well as sales.


Various other benefits of Digital Marketing are:


Global Presence – A website opens the door to a vast audience reach on a global scale which would be otherwise a difficult task using traditional methods.


Customized Targeting – Advanced techniques can be implemented to target the visitors based on their search criteria and area of interest. The gathered information then can be used for personalised greetings to stay in touch with potential clients or customers. It can also be used for relevant product/service suggestions.


Cost Effective – Since the audience can be targeted using specific criterias, the strategy can be greatly narrowed down to relevant audience resulting into more cost effective and direct impact of marketing.


Monitoring – The digital approach of marketing means a strategy with trackable and measurable methods. The statistics generated can be highly useful for proper overview of the market and digital reach which can be further used for future marketing campaigns. One can obtain detailed information about how customers use the website or respond to the advertising. Web analytics can be set up to display exactly how much return is generated from each digital tactic.


Together, all of these aspects of digital marketing have the potential to add up to more sales.


The Pioneer Tech’s digital marketing service is combination of few online platforms as well as own website promotion. In true sense of digital marketing we cater for Google Adwords campaigning for industrial products and services, Facebook Marketing campaigns for consumer products and services. Few third party solutions are like bulk SMS and ethical Whatsapp Marketing.


Why The Pioneer Tech is best E-commerce Web development company ?

The Pioneer Tech – Best E-commerce web development Company

Web development never be bounded in limits, it is similar for all those who are in this field from years or they are newcomers because each and every day there is changes in technology. New technologies, libraries, and techniques are continuously changing and improving. If you want to stay on top of all these changes you will need to immerse yourself in communities, groups, press and forum all revolving around web development.

Many companies in Ahmedabad serving web development and design but for local it is too much costly, The Pioneer Tech having quality development at very low price with excellent features.

How to choose the Best Web Developer –

  1. A well Defined Code.
  2. Excellent Communication.
  3. Successful Clientele.
  4. Cost effective solution.
  5. On-time follow up and expertise in work.
  6. Complete Knowledge of frameworks.

In India, most of the companies developes websites on WordPress, Laravel,  Magento, codeigniter, Phalcon, YII, and Symphony. Which is the best is the question?

Every platform is according to its specifications and feature supports different industries. Each platform has their own features which suit the segments.

The Pioneer Tech is the one of the best E-commerce, a Dynamic web development service based company with excellent Graphic design and understandable and easy coding. Coding is not just making programmes and desired output in any way, it’s the art of making something which can be achievable by smart ideas. Minimize coding and quality development is our policy for web development.

With 12+ years in web designing and development, we established strong attachments with our clients like LIC, Western India, Real paprika, Sintex, Shanti business school and many more. Our high quality experienced team and services make our clients extremely satisfied.

Every client or person can call a company “best” or “bad” but the quality of work will tell itself about better and excellent. Our motto is “You earn Your Brand, we earn a success story.”  We only believe in best and excellent, Our goal is to achieve the satisfaction of client in any condition.

With 350+ successful completion of projects and 80+ brands serviced by us including Local works in Ahmedabad, we registered yourself as the Best Web development company in Ahmedabad. We are Emerging as the best E-commerce web development company in Ahmedabad and Rajkot by completed many local projects of readymade garments, jewellery, paper products, hospital, and online selling websites.

Qualities of The Pioneer Tech – Simplifying Technology

  1. Proven Technologies.
  2. Best Pricing.
  3. Expertise in Development.
  4. High quality and Robust solutions.
  5. Fluent Communication.
  6. Confidentiality & Security.
  7. Timely delivery and cost-effective services.


Online Food Ordering eCommerce Website Development Company in Ahmedabad

Best Online Food Ordering Solution is develop for Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Rajkot restaurants business. online food ordering website and mobile application that take orders for delivery. It provides a complete online ordering system for food business that makes you to manage your customers, orders/deliveries easily and enables you to focus on your business expansion.

The Pioneer Tech is offering Online Food Ordering Solution, Mobile app and eCommerce website Development in ahmedabad, which includes Inventory Management, CRM and Sales & Customer analytics. It also comes with integrated payment gateway platforms.

It is the best online food ordering solution in ahmedabad that comes with an elegant ‘2018’ latest generation web and mobile platforms. one-stop solution for online food ordering business that provides a modern and latest technology based online food ordering platform for your customers to place food/meal orders for fast delivery and efficient payment collection. Food ordering app that makes user sign in / register with zero trouble.

High-performing app for food ordering: A food ordering app allows users to order multiple dishes anytime. Many hostlers, food lovers, and sometimes families prefer ordering food via apps specifically on special dates & moments. So, a food ordering app must be designed with advanced functionality so that irrespective of quantity & timing, you can order tantalizing food without any hurry.

Ordering food from the nearest restaurant: For instant food ordering from any restaurant and at any location, location-based services or GPS connectivity is enabled for these apps. You can track your food order, choose favorable restaurants or food corners you wish from the lists, and more.

Other major features: Payment via credit cards, e-wallets, and Cash on Delivery, user profile & location, push notifications for daily menus and order delivery, occasional discounts, offers, & coupons.

Vital features for Restaurant app

1. Menu items

It is the most important feature and should be on the front page of your food ordering app. The feature should allow the users to access the menu at the touch of a click without giving them the hassles of browsing endlessly for finding a particular item.

2. Ordering and payment feature

Among the most important features that your food ordering app needs to be equipped with, online ordering of food and payment is the most vital of all. The facility of ordering food from the app platform itself gives your customer the facility of ordering food instantaneously at the touch of a click.

3. Table Reservation feature

Once you have got an app for your restaurant, it is important that you include in it ‘Book Table’ feature. This is an important feature as it allows user to make online booking for a table in your restaurant without having to visit the restaurant.

4. Discounts and Rewards

According to survey, most of the customers prefer ordering food via app because of discounts and offer available with app. So, if you want your restaurant become a hot property among your customers, then it is imperative that you ask your developers to include ‘discounts and rewards’ feature in the application.